The Representatives of Our College Visit SuWon University of South Korea

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On March 8th , Zhou Dan,the director of Training Center, together with Liang Luyu, a teacher of International Communication and Cooperation Division, were invited to visit Suwon University in South Korea

Suwon University which was established in 1982 is a famous comprehensive private university in South Korea. Currently, it consists of 14 institutes,9 departments ,46 subjects,7 graduate institutes including institutes of general studies and administration and a Chinese language school. It is one of the universities which enjoy high reputation in South Korea.

During the visit, the two universities introduced their history of development respectively and had a discussion on the exchange of students and teachers as well as teachers education. The two sides also reached an agreement on the exchange of senior staff, teachers ,students and academic research. After the visit ,the two sides will expand further cooperation on majors and courses .