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My Life of Exchange Student5

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As an exchange student, I came to south Korea in second semester. I was full of thoughts and feelings, and believe it was a really opportunity which is valuable .It will not only change my life in the future, but also it will become a part of my life. Time passed quickly, there is only less than a month we will leave, and my mood is very complex. It is a strange and vibrant city for me, and just two months let me experience different cultural customs and national quality. During my stay in the university of FuChuan in south Korea, their classroom make me feel very relaxed and fresh. For example, the professor will give us a theme, and let us learn the independently design, discuss and regular speech. When we will have finished their education system, we find their hardware facilities are perfect. All the facilities are very advanced in science and technology .In addition, Korean is very polite, anyone and anywhere on the campus. I also learned a lot such as knowing how to fact problem by myself, how to overcome difficulties .I am very grateful to my students and teachers. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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