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My Life of Exchange Student7

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We have been to South Korea for a month, and have already learned method and way of life as well as enjoyed here and been familiar with the life and study here. From Monday to Thursday, in the morning we learn Korean courses, in Korean class we Chinese exchange students made friends with the exchange students from Philippines, and every day we try to learn Korean. In the afternoon of Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday, it is the time for us to conduct professional courses, learning in this way to strengthen our Illustrator Adobe and shop Photo and other software applications, and pay attention to the idea of innovation. The teacher is also very concerned about us and afraid of Korean language teaching is too difficult for us, every course he gives us English curriculum PPT, and after class also use their own time to give us a deeper explanation. In addition, the Korean students are also very enthusiastic, whenever we encounter problems, they are ready to help us to solve, or in the weekend they will find us to party to experience the lifestyle of Korean students. I am really very grateful to friends in South Korea. The exchange life is less than three months, however, I will treasure this opportunity and will work hard to repay our school.

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